Membership dues for Park Ridge residents are $33 and $45 for non-residents.



Hello Ladies,

Summer may be coming to an end but there are still many opportunities to play tennis. Our season continues through September with open play, ladder challenges and events. Just a reminder- challenges must be made at least 7 days prior to the end of the season (September 23). Challenges made with fewer than 7 days left in the season are not subject to forfeits due to unavailability.

Thanks to Mary Patrick and Midge Mountin for chairing the September Round Robin on Saturday, September 12. The B/C Division will play 8-10am, followed by the A Division 10:15am-12:15pm.

The final Thursday Night Tennis Social will be on September 24 following Open Play at Hinkley. There is no need to sign up. Just come to play and stay to visit.

The Harvest Moon Extravaganza will be on Thursday, October 1 at Hinkley with a rain date of Monday, October 5. Our business meeting will begin at 5:15pm outside the courts at the picnic tables. Please bring a chair if needed. Play will be from 6-7:30pm following a round robin format. You are also welcome to stay later to socialize and bring a snack/beverage. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and it will be a beautiful fall evening. Please sign up for this event online.

At the meeting we will elect officers for next year: President-Janet Joyce, Vice-President-Sherri Wolff, Treasurer-Ellyn Ryan, Secretary-Carol Paddock, Membership-Tori Jepsen, Park District Liaison-Marilyn Fritz, Website Coordinator-Ann Iremedio. If there is anything you would like to discuss at the meeting, please let us know so we can add it to the agenda.

We are looking for volunteers to be part of a committee to look into improving our PRWTA website. We would like to make it more interactive and user friendly especially regarding the directory and communication among members for open play, etc. The committee would meet over the winter to have something in place for next year. We have many talented and technologically skilled members and we can use your help. Let Janet know if you can assist us.

Our apologies and congratulations to Lidia Dyjewski and Cate Brodner who won second place in the A Doubles Tennis Under the Stars Tournament. The results were incorrectly reported in the last newsletter.

We look forward to seeing you throughout the month and at the Harvest Moon Extravaganza Under the Stars on October 1.