Dues for Park Ridge residents are $35 and $47 for non-residents.


We have one event left, the Harvest Moon Extravaganza on October 1 at River Trails. We will play from 6-8pm with our meeting following.

At the meeting, we will vote on the slate of officers for next year:

President- Janet Joyce
Vice President- Ellyn Ryan
Treasurer- Sherri Wolff
Secretary- Wendy Varygiannes
Membership- Tori Jepsen
Park District Liaison- Kathy Streit
Website Coordinator- Ann Iremedio

We will also vote on some additions to our rules.

Based on some feedback this year, we felt some clarification is needed in some areas. The following changes are shown in red:


1.Players participate in tournaments according to their ladder position. Players may choose to play in a higher level tournament than their ladder position. However, they may not play lower
than their ladder position. In a doubles partnership, placement in the tournament will be determined by the higher ladder position. The tournament committee reserves the right to reclassify players/teams.

2. Players must follow tournament rules set forth by the chairperson, such as no-add scoring.

3. If you are “turned over”, you may not participate in any PRWTA tournaments. However, if you are not the member of the doubles team which needs to be “turned over”, you may still participate in the tournament.

Making Challenges

1. On June 1, the ladders will be established. You may challenge any of the five names above your own. You may skip over any players turned over when counting five positions. Challenges may not be made to a player/team who has less than 7 days before
they are turned over. However, you may not skip over these players as they are counted in the five positions ahead. If you win the match, your name goes in your opponent’s place and they
move down the ladder one position. The winner will report match results within 24 hours.  Updated ladders will be posted on the website.

Turn Overs

1.You must notify the ladder chairperson if you are going to be unavailable for five days or more.  In such cases, your name will be “turned over” and others can skip your name when counting 5
names above their own. Failure to notify the chairperson of your absence will result in a forfeit to the challenging player/team. Report turn overs one week prior to the beginning date, except
in the case of injury, illness or emergency.

We want to express our gratitude to Marilyn Fritz and Carol Paddock who are leaving our board. They have given many years of service and dedication to our organization contributing
greatly to our success.

Congratulations to the winners of the September Round Robin: A Division-Brooke Eby and B Division-Dupe Henry. As usual, everything ran smoothly, thanks to the organization of Mary
Patrick, Marell Kowalski and Mary Ellen Hanrahan.

It has been a great year for playing tennis. Open play continues through September and we often continue to play into October if the weather is good, although the courts are not reserved.

There is still time for challenges which should be made at least 7 days prior to the end of the season. Challenges made with less than 7 days are not subject to forfeit due to unavailability.

Sign up for the Harvest Moon Extravaganza if you haven’t done so. Two hours of free tennis and fun with friends-what could be better!

Hope to see you there on October 1.